"I must say I was rather nervous at my first visit with Dr. Murphy. I had never been to a chiropractor before and everyone knows the stories we hear. However, I got to a point in my life that I was tired of being in constant pain, feeling fatigued and stiffness throughout my neck, back and shoulders. I even had pain in my hips. I honestly felt most of this pain was caused by my aging in life. At 51 years old, I was seriously considering giving up my horses which are very important to me. I was to the point that I couldn't even groom and tack them up without being in pain and exhausted. I just didn't have the strength to do it anymore.

Then, one day a co-worker suggested I see Dr. Murphy and I am so grateful that she did. Upon the completion of my consultation, exam and x-rays, Dr. Murphy explained a program that consisted of chiropractic adjustments, icing and stretching exercises. I was advised that the healing process will take some time and I would have some GOOD days and some BAD days.

Well, I have been seeing Dr. Murphy now for approximately 2 months and I am TRULY amazed. I never realized how much pain I had been enduring and wish I would have sought his help sooner. It feels absolutely wonderful to be able to go about your daily duties with ease and pain-free motion. I will definitely continue my visits as long as he suggests!

Thank you so very much Dr. Murphy for giving me my life back!!!!"

- Angie L.

"Miracle Worker...I can't think of a better way to describe Dr. Murphy as nothing short of a "miracle worker!" As an active, physically fit, forty year old woman, who rarely ever needs to consult a doctor, I experienced sudden severe muscular cramping and lower back pain after a routine workout. After several days of immobility and severe calf and lower back pain, a friend recommended Dr. Murphy to me. Having never seen a chiropractor before, I must admit I was a bit hesitant to seek chiropractic care in lieu of a doctor's medical care. On my first visit with Dr. Murphy, Dr. Murphy spent quality time with me so as to provide the best care and treatment plan for my unique needs. He even recommended a medical referral to rule something out. That was enough to impress me that Dr. Murphy had my best interests and well-being at heart! After seeking advice from an M.D. and declining potent painkillers, I began my "journey" with Dr. Murphy. In a very short time, I was back walking normally and my back was beginning to feel "healed" and "healthy." It was truly amazing and remarkable how much better I felt each time I saw Dr. Murphy! Dr. Murphy has provided the highest quality professional chiropractic care to me from providing "adjustments", performing muscle massages, recommending healing exercises and stretches, and performing "miracles"! Dr. Murphy's wonderful personality, warm professionalism, and profound knowledge of his field truly reflect an outstanding man and practice. As a result of the superior care I've received from Dr. Murphy, I understand and believe in the power and healing of chiropractic care, and I intend to incorporate regular chiropractic care into my active lifestyle. Thank you...Thank you...Thank you..., Dr. Murphy!!!"

- Amy B.

"I just wished to let you know you made my day. I've been seeing you as my chiropractor for about a year now and my back and neck haven't felt this great in years. Your positive and considerate bedside manner is also soothing for the spirit, and I can tell your patients are more than a paycheck; you really genuinely care for our well being. Thank you for being you."

- Katy

"I never thought I would ever let a chiropractor touch me! I hate it when people crack their knuckles around me. I hate the sound. I hate the thought of bones being forced places. As a hairdresser, I believe in the healing power of touch. After 30 years of poor posture, constantly leaning over a shampoo bowl or keeping my arms up while cutting hair, my back began to ache every day. My one shoulder would become painful to the point of being almost useless. I thought massage was the answer. Couldn't a massage gently ease the out of place bones back where they belong and muscle aches go away? So I went for regular massages, and yes they did help! I was relaxed and my back and arm were doing better. Then I moved and the massages became less regular. The pain was getting worse until I was having difficult breathing. My back muscles were in spasms. I needed help quickly. I knew if I went to my medical Dr., he would prescribe painkillers, muscle relaxants and physical therapy. This could take months and I really was not sure it would do any good. I came to see Dr. Murphy; I told him how I felt, the pain I was in. I told him how I hated the thought of forcing the bones into place and especially how I hated the noise of cracking knuckles. He took the time to educate me. He told me how the bones needed to be in correct alignment so that my whole body would function better. He explained that the noise was not the bones hitting each other but rather the expulsion of air that had collected in the space where the bones were out of place. He asked how frequent my headaches were. I had not even told him about the reoccurring migraines. Dr. Murphy x-rayed my back and adjusted me gently that first day. The pain relief was not immediate. It took thirty years of bad habits to get my back in this shape, the cure would take awhile. The stretching exercises he gave me helped ease the spasms and daily ice was reducing the inflammation. I saw the recommended program through with NO MEDICINE, physical therapy I could do at home, and fewer headaches. I now continue with regular "checkups". Yes, I still need to stretch and ice on occasion, but the pain is gone and so are the headaches. I also enjoy an occasional massage and together with the chiropractic treatments, I am healthier in mind, body and spirit than ever before in my life. Thank you,"

- Linda C.

"I had been living with moderate to severe pain since 1996. After years of physical therapy for two herniated discs, I opted for surgery. Even after having the surgery, I was still in a great deal of pain. I was basically told that I may have that same level of pain the rest of my life. Discouraged and in a great deal of pain, I decided to see Dr. Murphy. I walked in his office with a fair amount of pain. He made me feel very comfortable and he was able to explain everything in terms that I could understand. He also explained what and why he was doing certain things, which was very comforting. The experience was amazing. After being iced and adjusted, I felt like I had a totally different body. I can't remember the last time I felt so healthy and pain free. He has changed my life. I am so grateful to have met him. If I had never met and worked with Dr. Murphy, I would probably be in pain for the rest of my life. He has provided me with a pain free life, something I never thought was possible. Thank You, Dr. Murphy!"

- Molly T.

"You're Terrific! You did what 4 other doctors and several tests could not …Gave me back my life! Thanks!"

- Sam

"As a professional golfer, I am very much in need of regular adjustments to insure my best efforts in professional competition. A well balanced body is a must to achieve your best results. Dr. Terry Murphy seemed very interested in me as a patient and it appeared to me that he was value focused in achieving his goal in making my quality of life the very best. Great Job!"

- John R.

"My confidence in the staff has prompted me to bring my children, which may be the best indication of satisfaction."

- Maggie DJ.

"In November 2006, I was getting ready to have neck surgery. I found out in my pre-operation physical I was pregnant. I was in a lot of pain and was having headaches frequently. I then went to see Dr. Murphy. We couldn't do x-rays because of being pregnant, but he told me he could still help me. We made a treatment plan and he treated me thought out my pregnancy and still does. He has been wonderful, and I tease him saying his treatments are now "my pain control" since having the baby. I have decided that the surgery isn't necessary as long as I follow Dr. Murphy direction and treatment plan. My headaches have passed and I haven't had to take any med's for pain. While my pregnancy progressed and I was seeing him for my neck, my lower back was getting bother some. He really helped with that. I personally would recommend any one who is pregnant or otherwise to see him. I thought surgery was my last option and he changed that thought quickly. To him I am grateful for keeping me pain free especially through my pregnancy."

- Amanda B.

"I wish to give many thanks to Dr. Murphy for helping to make my life better. His concern and great care are so much appreciated. I had spine and neck pains for which he prescribed adjustments, ice and certain exercises. The adjustment's ease my spine and neck discomforts and also aid in relieving the discomforts of fibromyalgia. While under this treatment program, I suffered a possible broken bone in my foot and had to wear a wrapping and a shoe boot. The therapy for the foot became part of the overall treatment. On the next appointment while wearing the shoe boot, I entered room 2 for my therapy; I realized that I was not alone. "Dusty", Dr. Murphy's BIG beautiful dog must have sensed that I was in pain and stayed right next to me. When Dr. Murphy entered the room "Dusty" looked up at him as if to say, "FIX IT". Dr. Murphy said, "It's OK" and ushered from the room a reluctant "Dusty". I really feel kind of special and sort of like I was rated rather highly. After all, "That's the first time "Dusty" ever did that Dr. Murphy said."

- Audrey R.

"I put off going to a Chiropractor for many years. I did think it could help me and I was simply not able to stand completely upright due to pain and stiffness. I was constantly concerned I might fall. I was taking Aleve and Tylenol Arthritis regularly for pain as well. I was having pain when I bent over to pick something up or when I sat down. I finally gave in and made and appointment with Dr. Murphy. After my initial visits with Dr. Murphy, I learned I had a subluxation and Degeneration of the Spine. He told me he could help. I started regular visits and after 12 weeks went on maintenance. I could tell a big difference. I stopped doing my exercise, though, and began to notice myself going backwards a bit. When I went back to doing them, I immediately noticed a difference. Now, I am able to walk around my home without a cane and am walking better and taller and without much, if any pain at all. I also am not taking any pain medication any more. I am very grateful for the change. So, if you're wondering if going to a Chiropractor works? I would answer "YES, if you follow his instructions!""

- Gaila E.

"Lower back pain when riding my rather large, wide back Friesian. As my young Friesian grew up, he got quite tall (his back is higher than my head) and quite wide. Because of his width, I had to have a saddle made especially for him. Prior to the saddle's arrival, I used his "old" saddle and experienced lower back pain and shooting pains down my legs. I felt this was because the saddle didn't fit him correctly, and I endured as best I could. When not riding, there was very little back discomfort. After the new saddle arrived, the pain increased. The saddle fit the horse perfectly – but, I couldn't sit in it for more than five minutes. I tried some Yoga and Pilates stretching exercises, but they didn't do enough. Others sat in the saddle with no problems, so I know I needed more help. Following three weeks of adjustments the pain and discomfort began to ease. Now, I can ride 45 minutes (or more) and not be aware of any discomfort at all. YEAH!"

- Lorene H.

"After an invitation to Dr. Murphy's, I decided to give chiropractic care a chance and see how it could improve my life. I had been suffering from chronic headaches for two years, and had received neurological treatment for the headaches, but they continued to affect me. I also had difficulty breathing and often was short of breath. Another big problem I had to deal with was numbness in my arms and hands. After the first couple weeks of treatment, I began to see improvements in my body. My headaches began to decrease, the numbness in my extremities became less and less frequent, and my breathing began improving. After continuing to visit Dr. Murphy for adjustments, I am finally free of the chronic headaches, difficulty breathing, and numbness in my arms. I had no idea chiropractic treatment would improve my life so much, and I look forward to continuing treatments with Dr. Murphy to stay healthy."

- Yamilda J.

"I have begun to see a great improvement and have God, Dr. Murphy and the Staff to thank for everything they are doing. You are all wonderful!"

- Vickie W.

"I just wanted to write you a note to say thank you for working on my back. I am so happy I was able to come in today; I feel amazing. You have changed my life forever. No longer am I discouraged and in pain. You have given me a totally new and healthy look on my life. I no longer feel/think I will have to live in pain the rest of my life. I know now I don't have to! It is a great feeling that wouldn't be possible if it weren't for you! Thank you so much."

- Molly T.

"Two extraordinary things happened to me at Dr. Murphy's clinic. The first being when I moved to Cincinnati last year. I went to a doctor who was an orthopedic doctor rather than a medical doctor and promised he could do the most for my back problems and constant pain. After X-rays and an MRI, his solution was narcotic painkillers! Research on the internet sent me to the clinic. After 5 sessions on the decompression, my pain meds halved. Completion (20 sessions) virtually eliminated my meds. Regular adjustments and rehab exercises have allowed me to stand and walk longer without pain. The second being during an adjustment session, Dr. Murphy noted a pain on the left side of my vertebrae and asked if I had a urinary infection. There was no other indication that I did, but I went to my doctor (who laughed at why I thought I may have one). Test revealed an infection. The doctor could not find the painful place on by back (there was no place to lie on my stomach in her office), and she wasn't sure where the first lumbar vertebrae was. Thanks Dr. Murphy!"

- Louise P.

"Greetings Dr. Murphy & Colleagues,

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you and your team for the wonderful care I've received this summer. From the friendly and warm reception I receive every time, to the furry mascot, to the best chiropractic care I've ever received, I appreciate everyone's time, energy and flexibility handling me as a client and patient. You've helped make my summer a good one. Thank you!"

- Katy B.

"I wanted to thank you for your chiropractic work on the neck area of my spine. It's so wonderful not to have the debilitating headaches that were plaguing me before your treatments. I appreciate your services and wish you continued success in your practice."

- Barbara L.

"Six weeks ago, I went to see Dr. Murphy. At that time, it hurt to move. My back ached all the time, nor could I turn my head from one side to another. I am so pleased today to be without pain. I feel as though I have new body parts. Dr. Murphy has surely been a blessing for me!"

- Elaine H.

"Life is too short to miss out on because of Back Pain! When I first walked into Dr. Murphy's office, I couldn't even stand up without one or both hands holding my back, and forget about trying to bend forward because that just wasn't happening. I was in really bad shape and the worst thing was that I didn't even know what I had done. I just woke up one day with a little back pain that just got worse and worse throughout the day. I'm a very active person in my 30's, but all of a sudden I felt like I was in my 80's. Even just trying to get into my car was a chore. I had already been to see my family doctor the week before with no success. Pain killers and muscle relaxer's did nothing for me. Now, I wish I had just gone straight to Dr. Murphy in the first place. It would have been one less week of excruciating pain. Dr. Murphy immediately took x-ray's right at the office, which was great. I didn't have to make an appointment somewhere else and have to wait for them to get sent back to the office. And best of all, it was a stand up x-ray machine so I didn't have to try and lay flat on my back on a hard surface, which if you have back troubles then you know its very painful. Then we went right to work on my treatment plan. I really put the pressure on Dr. Murphy to help me start feeling better quickly, because I was leaving in a week for a 7 day cruise. To my surprise he did just that. I was getting better and better every day and the cruise was great. Now I'm even back to playing volleyball three nights a week. I still have a ways to go in my recovery and I've learned that it's very important to take care of your back. I don't ever want to go through that kind of pain again. From now on I intend have my back adjusted on a regular basis to maintain proper alignment. Thank you Dr. Murphy! You're a life saver!"

- Cheryl D.

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